Newday 2012

Newday is a major youth event that takes place in the summer, with thousands of young people aged 12-19 camping together over about six days. The week is full of fantastic meetings & seminars, plenty of activities, cafes & shops and much more.

This year we took 17 young people and had a fantastic time away, getting to know each other and spending time with God. Check out the “Newday Times” for our review of the week, as well as this video from Newday with their review of the week:



If you are interested in going to Newday next year (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?!) it will be taking place from Monday 29th July through to Sunday 4th August 2013. Put this date in your diary, on your calendar, on a scrap of paper on the fridge, and look out for more information early in the new year.




New Blog!!

Welcome to the RFC Youth Blog!

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We also have information on our Friday nights, a calendar to let you know what’s coming up, a Resources page which we will keep filling up with our recommended websites, books, youtube clips etc. We’ve got a page dedicated to our outreach project telling you what it’s all about, and how much we have raised so far.

If you have any questions or comments that you would like us to answer, head to the Question Box page and submit it.

There is a page dedicated for parents, to give them all the important they will need to know.

Finally we have a Who’s Who page, so you can see who the youth leaders are, and what days they lead youth.

We’ll keep the information up-to-date so keep checking back, and follow us for regular updates.