Outreach Project

Creating Better Futures

As a youth group we have chosen to support a charity called Creating Better Futures which aims to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe by providing them with education and skills to break free from poverty.

What does the charity do?

They are currently working in Zimbabwe, which has a significant number of children
orphaned as a result of an HIV/AIDS pandemic. These children are desperate to
attend school, but in Zimbabwe education does not come for free. For just £15 a
month we could make a difference to one child’s life, and aim to give them a
brighter, better future.

  • Sponsorship at Cheza Primary School

Cheza is a rural primary school with 300 children, 79 of which are orphaned. They need support with school fees, levy, stationery, classrooms, toilets, food, water, uniforms and medical treatment.

  • Mabvuku Feeding Programme

CBF operate a weekly feeding program in the village of Mabvuku. These children have signed up via the social welfare office and have proven that they are vulnerable underprivileged children. Their feeding is very limited during the week and so CBF are able to provide a decent full meal for these children every Saturday in their local community centre.

  • Mvchapondwa School – Future Feeding Program

CBF are hoping to begin a feeding program at the school based in Mvchapondwa. Even though the children here are fortunate enough to attend school, they have to walk many miles in order to get there. These children are under nourished and have very little to eat, meaning that when they reach school, they often pass out or faint in their lessons due to not eating enough food. This means they are unable to learn.

  • Resourcing

As well as sponsorship, there are other factors involved that need addressing. The water in Cheza is contaminated and funding is needed to install fresh clean drinking water to stop the children becoming sick. The project manager requires a new vehicle to transport food, as well as the costs for even bringing in the food! There are also a number of boxes full of toys, clothes and much more to be delivered around different orphanages.

Other Projects

We need to build a water pump to allow clean fresh drinking water for the school children in Cheza. The children at Cheza Primary School are currently drinking contaminated water which is making them very unwell, therefore resulting in them unable to attend school. We will be contacting global charity to see if we can work together on this project.

Our Project Manager based in Zimbabwe needs transport in order to buy and provide food for all our regular feeding programs. It is also required to distribute packages sent and administrative work such as forms required within the authorities to do with child sponsorship. The roads in Zimbabwe are dirt tracks with many huge pot holes making it extremely difficult to get to by car. Our Project Manager’s car is about to fall apart, meaning she won’t be able to provide for the children that need help. We are currently saving for a suitable vehicle enabling her to travel on these roads to support the children who are in need.

We still have over 20 boxes full of donated toys, clothes, books and shoes which need sending. It costs well over £1,000 to get these boxes sent, and without donations we are unable to do so. An orphanage called ‘Little Seeds’ based in Harare originally only had one toy to share between them all. Imagine sharing one toy between 50 small children! This will be our final set of boxes and we will no longer be collecting donations once these boxes have been sent.

We are currently supporting 79 orphaned children to attend Cheza Primary School. These 79 children are still in desperate need of sponsorship, as the money we have so far will not be able to keep them there throughout their school life. Please see our ‘sponsor a child‘ page for further details. Once the 79 orphans from Cheza are being sponsored by regular donors, we will be able to approach a new area of Zimbabwe to fund more children into school.

How can our youth group help?

1)       Donate from our pocket money – a little from us means a lot to a young person in Zimbabwe

2)       Raise money – through sponsorship, back packing, car washes, school non- uniform days, cake sales, talent show… and plenty of other opportunities.

3)       Tell our friends and get them supporting the charity.

What can our money do?

♠ 10p is the cost of one meal for one person

♠ 50p a day will keep a child fed and in school

♠ £30 will pay for the school fees of one child for a year

♠ £180 will provide school fees, uniform, two nutritional meals per week, 3 medical assessments and appropriate treatment for a year.

♠ We can also donate money for a water pump, a transport vehicle, costs of transporting boxes of toys from the UK, or the current / future feeding programmes.

How much have we given so far?

Thermometer - £373.21


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